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Gin pole and Derrick with their Functionality

Gin pole

Gin is a word derived from gyn. A gyn is a lifting device with three legs. A gin pole is a supported pole that uses a block or a pulley for tackling its upper end to lift loads. The lower end is set or braced in a facile hole and positioned so that the high end lies above the material to be lifted. The pole (also called spar, boom and mast) is saved with three or more workers. Every gin pole supplier advises for manipulation or movement of load laterally.

Gin Pole – The Load Raiser

The gin pole is used to lift loads above buildings too tall to access with a crane. The poles are used for placing the antenna on top and for raising segments on the top for erection. When the purpose is to create a segmented tower, a gin pole can be raised, detached and reattached to complete the segment in order to lift the next. The process is repeated and remain active until the topmost area of the tower is concluded. Gin poles are ascended on flatbed trucks as a basic form of mobile crane, used for relocating and lifting loads and save operations in place of a sophisticated wrecker. Gin poles are often used for the installation of stacked tower segments and pulling other items up on the tower. Majority of amateurs have heard of gin poles and typically used them securely and successfully. There are some reports of injuries and failures concerning gin poles. The injuries and accidents are indicative of a misunderstanding of safe usage. There has been a discussion going on regarding the usage of tackle lifting system and block with the gin pole, which makes it easier for lifting the load. It also minimizes the weight on the pole, enabling it to lift heavier loads.

Derrick and the Gin Pole

A gin pole is known as a type of derrick, termed as pole derrick or standing derrick. So what is a derrick?


A derrick is simply a piece of lifting equipment comprises at least one guyed mast, as contained by a gin pole. A derrick may be mounted over a load through adjustment of its guys. Majority of derricks have got two components, at least. The parts can either be a self-supporting tower or a guyed mast and a boom. Boom is hooked at its base for the provision of articulation. The most fundamental kind of derrick is managed by three to four lines connected through the top of the mast that allow it to move laterally and cant up or down. Forms of derricks are mainly found at docking facilities and aboard ships. Some large cranes or derricks are hooked on dedicated vessels.


Approx. Weight (pounds) Straight Sections

Derrick Model Mast and Booms Sections Sill and Leg Sections


320 250


335 290


480 380


600 500


Wrap Up

For an engine powered winch supplier, both gin pole and winch are equipment to life load. However, gin poles are the best to place an antenna on top or other heavy lifting work.

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